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Key dates

Creation of Financial and Industrial Company of Railways by the director of Chemins de Fer Paris-Orléans to ensure the production and supply of railway couplings on the American market.
The Financial and Industrial Company of Railways changes its name and becomes Les Equipements Ferroviaires (LAF).
Between 1930
and 1967
LAF is developing strongly in France, on the market of the French colonies.
LAF acquires its Belgian competitor, Ets Henricot.
LAF joins CIM and thus completes the group’s range in terms of supplying high-end components for the rail industry.
LAF acquires UK competitor Lloyd ABC Couplers, making the company Europe’s leading manufacturer of automatic shock and traction couplers.
Intergation of “SEPAV” activity inside LAF , manufacturing of flexible hoses
John Cockerill Group (previously CMI) acquires LAF, division of CIM
LAF has expertise and know-how recognized throughout the world for the design and manufacture of high-end and tailor-made railway components such as the East / West “Unilink” couplings and the “Modhalor” bar …
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