Our quality drive

Having been ISO 9001 certified for several years, LAF’s quality management system (QMS) allows it to be updated for the latest compliance requirements. Our objective: design and manufacture competitive, quality safety compliant components.

Quality, our trademark

LAF was one of the first divisions of CIM to undertake an ISO certification approach.

4 certification guidelines

We have introduced a policy which aims at:

Satisfying our customers by meeting their requirements

Measuring the efficiency of our processes

development of customer satisfaction,

Respecting the standards, regulations and legal requirements of each country

implementation of an effective business strategy linked to risk analysis and continuous improvement,

Continuously improving our QMS and the professionalism of our team

measuring the performance of our processes through identified objectives to carry out the strategy, while ensuring compliance with normative, regulatory and legal requirements,

To complement this internal action, LAF collaborates only with suppliers who are ISO 9001 certified and known for their expertise.

A dedicated internal organisation

To guarantee this action, a quality manager is entrusted with keeping and updating a quality manual listing all our procedures and ensuring their continuous improvement.

Quality, is our trademark!

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