Draft gears: your guarantee for comfort and safety

Draft gear have a twofold purpose: they guarantee the safety and comfort of passengers and cargo, and play an important role in the composition of railway equipment. LAF equips it drawbar systems with draft gear devices which are perfectly adapted for any infrastructure.

Draft gears: your guarantee for comfort and safety

Subject to tougher operating conditions and stricter regulation, railway equipment must help ensure a high level of comfort and safety. In order to reduce strain, shocks and vibration, LAF equips all of its coupler systems with draft gear devices.

For optimum strength, we rely on a wide range of the most powerful technologies on the market:

– rubber/metal,

– thermoplastic,

– hydraulic…

Ideal for coaches, wagons and locomotives, these solutions adapt to your needs and fall within the 10 KJ and 200 KJ energy range.

+ LAF: resistant, high-tech products.

Always be one step ahead

With more than 80 years of experience in the design of couplings and other railway components, our design office is among the most advanced in the sector. LAF experts are therefore developing ever more innovative products to help you stay ahead of current technologies!
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