The satisfaction of our customers and partners is at the heart of our commitments. CIM offers a whole range of on-demand services available at every stage of our collaboration.

Engeneering and Design department

CIM has teams of engineers capable of carrying out an ambitious R&D approach and specific studies for each customer requirement. With a unique blend of expertise, experience and multidisciplinarity, our offices can respond to any type of problem in any field.

Maintenance, rehabilitation and modernisation

The experience and responsiveness of our teams serve the performance of your equipment, whether or not it is supplied by CIM. Our scope of intervention is wide:

maintenance of factory floor equipment,

distribution of spare parts and components,

maintenance of rolling stock fleets,

rehabilitation and modernisation of rolling stock,

refurbishment of track material.


The training of operators and maintenance staff is inseparable from the supply of equipment. CIM therefore offers training courses to impart the skills needed to maintain your fleet of rolling stock.

Delivered by CIM’s highly qualified teams and by the specialised personnel of our industrial partners, these courses take into account the particular requirements of users and are specially designed to enable them to fully master the equipment delivered.

Resource center

Using all the resources of CIM’s engineering department and our industrial partners, we are able to provide complete technical documentation of all equipment and materials supplied, including operator manuals and maintenance catalogues, in your language.

Always be one step ahead

With more than 80 years of experience in the design of couplings and other railway components, our design office is among the most advanced in the sector. LAF experts are therefore developing ever more innovative products to help you stay ahead of current technologies!
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