All purpose couplers

Specialised in automatic couplers, over the years LAF has developed highly sophisticated and reliable choc and traction components. “Willison”, knuckle or Lloyd type couplers: all of our products guarantee security, quality and reliability over time.

“Willison” type couplers

Automatic “Willison” type couplers are the only components in the world capable of absorbing choc and traction strain on the fixed parts of the coupler. Our robust, weather-resistant parts guarantee high reliability between overhauls. We have developed many derivatives of this coupler: Unilink (East-West coupler), GR Rotary… + LAF: the possibility to form heavy trains on high mileage routes, reduced maintenance costs, ideal for standard and narrow gauge track…

Knuckle couplers

Semi-automatic knuckle couplers are the most widespread in the world due to the simplicity of design and manufacture. They can be equipped with a horn on the side to prevent vertical movement. With the acquisition of Ets Henricot, LAF developed a full range of knuckle couplers (type E, H, Atlas, Saskop…) + LAF: available with or without draft gear, adapted to any type of track, exploitation, conception or rolling stock.

Lloyd couplers

Developed 50 years ago for the former British colonies, the Lloyd coupler range (MCA/DA/MCA/PH, ABC) have proved their reliability. Today, LAF owns the production licence and manufacturing drawings. + LAF: this coupler range can be adapted to the needs of any country.

Always be one step ahead

With more than 80 years of experience in the design of couplings and other railway components, our design office is among the most advanced in the sector. LAF experts are therefore developing ever more innovative products to help you stay ahead of current technologies!
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